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  • Call us: +977-1-5912965
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About Fix Job Overseas

Fix Job Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manpower supplying company in Nepal and has been supplying skilled and unskilled human resources to many countries. We supply manpower from Nepal to Gulf country and Malaysia. However, we are looking for the right partners to work in the other countries, also. Among the myriad of manpower companies in Nepal .We stand out as a highly professional and service oriented company. Extremely up-to- date and in touch with the advancing technologies, we maintain our networking with partners companies worldwide through e-mail and conventional communicate on as well. Our directors are always in “reachable “status and a en on is given to all clients, promptly.

Fix Job Overseas Pvt. Ltd. entered this manpower supply business with the esprit and concept of drawing our share of the Nepalese Manpower supply business in the International Market the Company, being fully aware of modern requirement of this trade in the face of international competition has organized itself with adequate infra-structural facilities to meet such requirement. The company is very well organized and properly oriented in manpower export trade. Facilities have been very carefully built up and consolidated for mobilization and select on of required manpower of different categories of trades, within the shortest possible me

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Fix Job Overseas recognize the global need for employment. We want to provide our clients with best personalized and to provide Nepalese the opportunity to work overseas. To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Continually provide our clients with Nepalese candidates who are competent, reliable and dedicated. Help Nepalese candidates to enhance their competence there by raising the competitiveness of Nepalese workforce. Attain all the requirements of our clients in the shortest possible time.
Our Vision

Fix Job Overseas shall be the undisputed leader in the country’s Recruitment Industry by continually providing our clients with best services and competent candidates, by constantly upgrading its facilities and system and by strengthening tier with clients.

  • Fix Job Overseas is an advocated of Nepalese candidates and believes in its innate capabilities and desire to work, and we intend to bring Nepalese candidates to every corner of the world, to make them more competitive in the global market.